• Aluminium

  • Defence

  • Hydraulic

  • Railways

  • Sugar Mills

  • and many more where the end user is not listed.

Serving various industries:

  • Mining Industry

  • Crusher

  • Pumps

  • Bottling

  • Filtration

  • Transmission

In more and more applications component parts made from engineering plastics are proving their outstanding characteristics and advantages when compared to conventional materials such as steel. These characteristics, in combination with the economical production method of machining, is what distinguishes our components made from plastic.


We are happy to advise you in the use and design of engineering plastic components. Our application engineers, with all their experience from different applications, is available to you. Use our 50 plus years of experience and make your application our challenge.


We can help you from the material selection to the design of your product. We draw not only on our extensive experience but also on established calculation methods.

Design of component parts made from engineering plastics

Application Engineering

Since we opened our doors we quickly flourished into the leading components manufacturer and supplier in South Africa. Steelplasts Manufacturing team is able to produce one of a kind machined components from any drawing according to customer specifications.


We have established a respected name in the industry due to our strong business ethics and principles. We will always deliver products on time and will make sure that our clients receive the personalized and bespoke precision manufacturing services that they deserve.


We are a highly personalized company that thrives on providing a customized precision engineering and precision machine product. We are able to manufacture components with any material and our quality workshop allows for the highest standards of workmanship.


Our workshop is modern and our machinery is of the latest international standards and of the most advanced technology. We keep a close eye on the industry and make sure that our workshop is stocked with the latest machinery and materials that the industry has to offer. The Steelplast team will leave our clients with an incredible and unparalleled end product.

CNC Machining

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