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Whether it’s underground mining, crushing, washing, coal preparation, electric shovels or draglines, Steelplast has the technical solution to meet your requirements.


Engineering Plastic and Polyurethane when chosen correctly offer superior performance over tradition engineering materials such as brass, bronze and stainless steel. An engineering plastic bush offers unlubricated performance with the benefits of a reduction in maintenance costs downtime.


Products such as PETP (Ertalyte) and self-lubricating nylons such as Nylon (Ertalon LFX) and Nylon (Nylatron) GSM are excellent substitutes for greased bearings in harsh environments.


Products offered to the Mining Industry are the UHMWPE (MATROX) family, Polystone Ultra UHMWPE, Polystone 7000SR UHMWPE plastic flow promotion liners, and Polyurethane parts.

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