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Polyacetales (POM)

Polyacetal, also called polyoxymethylene (POM) - is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic with high mechanical strength and rigidity. The polymer has good sliding characteristics and resistance to wear, as well as low moisture absorption. The good dimensional stability and particularly good fatigue strength as well as excellent machining ability make POM a highly versatile engineering material, even for complex components.

A distinction is made between homopolymers (POM-H) - and copolymers (POM-C). Due to their higher crystallinity, the homopolymers have a slightly higher density, hardness and strength. The copolymers, however, have higher impact strength, higher abrasion resistance as well as higher thermal and chemical resistance.

  • high strength, rigidity and hardness

  • good impact strength, even at low temperatures

  • low moisture absorption (at saturation 0.8%)

  • good creep resistance

  • high dimensional stability

  • resistant to hydrolysis (up to ~60 °C)

  • good dimensional accuracy

  • wear resistant

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