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PETP is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic polyethylene terephthalate. This material features wear levels that are better than those of POM and also less moisture absorption than POM. PETP is especially suitable for complex precision parts.

Due to its good creep strength, low moisture absorption and outstanding dimensional stability, PET is extremely well-suited for applications where complex parts and the highest requirements regarding dimensional accuracy and surface quality are needed.

  • high strength

  • high rigidity and hardness

  • very low moisture absorption

  • very low creep resistance

  • very high dimensional stability

  • low sliding friction and sliding wear

  • resistant to hydrolysis (up to +70 °C)

  • not suitable for contact with media containing >50% alcohol

  • good adhesion and welding ability


Application areas:

  • mechanical engineering

  • gearwheels

  • frame- and pump components

  • cam discs

  • sliding elements

ERTALYTE - Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Standard Colours: White / Black


  • good hardness, rigidity and strength

  • excellent sliding characteristics

  • low sliding abrasion

  • very good dimensional stability

  • very low moisture absorption

Sliding properties

PET has excellent sliding properties, very good wear resistance and, in combination with its other properties, is an excellent material for highly loaded sliding applications. This also applies to applications where high levels of humidity or moisture are expected.

Weathering effects

PET is not resistant to UV rays. The material surface changes when subjected to UV rays in combination with atmospheric oxygen. If the material is to be subjected to UV rays for longer periods, a black coloured type is recommended.


Chemical resistance

PET is resistant to weak acids and alkaline solutions, salt solutions, perchlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbons, oils, fuels, solvents and surface-active substances. Strong polar solvents have an irreversible swelling effect. PET is not resistant to strong acids or alkaline solutions, esters, ketones or chlorinated hydrocarbons.


Behaviour in fire

PET is rated as normal flammable. When the source of ignition is removed, PET continues to burn, forming droplets. The oxygen index (the oxygen concentration required for combustion) at 23% is average compared to other plastics.


PET develops a brittle, flowing chip and is suitable for machining on automatic lathes, but it can also be machined on cutting machine tools. The semi-finished products can be drilled, milled, sawed, planed and turned on a lathe. It is also possible to cut a thread into the material or insert a threaded element. Generally no cooling or lubricating emulsion is necessary.

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