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  1. Good slide and wear properties

  2. High stiffness

  3. Resistant to many oils, greases and fuels

  4. Good weldable and bondable

  5. High strength

  6. Good wear properties

  7. High toughness

Nylon 66, Nylon Pa66, Nylatron, Nylon,Polyamie 66,

PA 66 is used in smaller dimensioned applications and offers higher rigidity and wear resistance compared to PA 6. Compared to the cast varieties, this material also has higher water absorption. Regarding the other properties, PA 66 is comparable to the standard cast type PA 6 G, however it is much more costly. As in the case of PA 6, the manufacturing process limits the size and unit weight which can be produced, and this restricts the design possibilities of the user. Therefore PA 66 in practical application is replaced to a large extent by the more economical PA 6 G, which can also be produced in almost unlimited sizes.


Standard Colours: Black / White

Fields of Application:

  • Friction bearings

  • Slide plates

  • Gears and sprockets

NYLON : PA 66 Polyamide (PA 66)

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The key properties of polyamide are:

  1. High mechanical strength, hardness, rigidity and toughness

  2. High mechanical damping properties

  3. Good fatigue resistance

  4. Very high wear resistance

  5. Good sliding and emergency running properties

  6. Good machining properties

Polyamides are subdivided into various basic types. PA 6, PA 66 and PA 12 have established themselves as the most important for technical applications. Apart from the standard versions there are a large number of polyamides from which the basic types are specifically treated with additives for the requirements of special applications.

In the production of semi-finished products, a distinction is made between the manufacturing processes of extrusion and casting. The performance of extruded polyamide semi-finished products, however, has various disadvantages. The limits of manufacturing size are reached quickly. In addition the properties of the extruded materials are negatively affected because this process remolds the
materials under temperature/pressure. The extrusion screw and tooling also cause shearing stress and breaks in the polymer matrix. Polyamides manufactured in monomer casting show a higher degree of crystallinity and thus have much better material properties than the extruded types.

In any case, all polyamides share, independently of their manufacturing process, a large number of
basic properties specific to the material.

DATA SHEET: NYLON : PA 66 Polyamide (PA 66)

Nylon 66 Data Sheet

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