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NYLON : PA 6 G + Oil Oilamid®


  • Best wear resistance

  • Low coefficient of friction during dry run

The main applications of Oilamid® are in conveyor and transport technology as well as in machine engineering, plant construction and the automotive industry. Particularly in filling, labelling and packaging machines, Oilamid® components are used to advantage.

Excellent sliding properties

make Oilamid® a special friction bearing material for highly loaded slide and wear parts in machines and equipment. Due to the lubrication and additives in the material, a sustainable lubricating effect is achieved given for the whole life cycle. Compared to the standard quality, a 50 % reduction in friction is achieved, thus producing less frictional heat and considerably higher peak load capacity. Also the undesirable stick-slip tendency is reduced.


Extraordinary wear resistance Is

achieved by the fine crystal microstructure of Oilamid® generated by the additives. Compared with standard quality, the reduced frictional heat as well as the reduced friction coefficient makes application possible at higher speeds and surface pressures. This applies not only for dry running but also for running under emergency conditions.


Lower moisture absorption and dimensional stability

are the result of the high crystalline molecular structure and the special additives. The low moisture absorption leads better dimensional stability and less of a reduction in the mechanical values due to moisture.

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PA 6 G + Oil is a cast polyamide that is manufactured by direct polymerization. PA 6 G + Oil is PA 6 G modified by means of integrated lubrication with oil, solid lubricants and stabilizers. This produces a coefficient of friction that is up to 50% lower, as well as wear resistance up to five times greater than other polyamides offer.


Standard Colours: Green

Fields of Application:

  • Bearings

  • Deflection rollers

  • Guide rails

  • Conveying screws

  • Conveying stars

  • Sprockets and chain guides

  • Slide rails

  • Feeder wheels

  • Actuators

  • Curve guides

  • Gears

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