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• High mechanical strength, hardness, rigidity and toughness
• High mechanical damping properties
• Good fatigue resistance
• Very high wear resistance
• Good sliding and emergency running properties
• Good machining properties

Very good sliding properties mean

that PA 6 G is the classical slider material for highly loaded machine components. Among these are bearing bushes, slider pads, guide pads as well as gears and sprockets. Because of the low coefficient of friction only an initial lubrication is generally needed. Often lubrication can be dispensed with altogether.


High wear resistance at

low and medium speeds, in particular under rough conditions (e.g. dust or sand contamination in the bearings) are further characteristics of PA 6 G as a sliding material for bearings. Contrary to conventional bearing materials such as cast iron, steel or bronze a much longer running life can be achieved under rough conditions.


Good damping properties

for the reduction of vibration and noise, particularly in the case of wire rope and conveyor rollers are of particular interest. PA 6 G reduces vibration which is transferred from metallic rollers to shafts, bearings and machine frames. In the same way, use of friction bearings of PA 6 G allows reduction of the vibration affecting the machine frame. This way the life of machines and their parts can be extended. Furthermore a contribution is made to lowering machine noise.


Low specific weight

reduces component weight compared to that of metallic materials. This is of particular interest where parts rotate and centrifugal force is generated. This is considerably reduced due to the lower weight, and also reduces the associated unbalanced and vibrations. The greatly reduced weight often reduces even the required drive power. Furthermore, handling and assembly of large parts is made much easier.


Good machining, dimensional stability, low residual stress

allow production of complex engineered components and application in all design areas. Machining can be performed with standard tools and conventional machines for wood and metal working. High feed and cutting speeds promote cost-effective production.


Changes in material properties

due to temperature, environmental influences and dampness must be taken into account. At increased temperatures and humidity the material becomes more elastic. Tension and pressure resistance, Young's modulus and hardness are reduced. Simultaneously impact resistance and elongation increases. The material adopts a strong elasticity. Furthermore, in case of increase in temperature or humidity, a change in length must be taken into account.

Cast nylon

This standard quality manufactured in monomer casting process is, due to its balanced mechanical properties and its excellent mechanical features is the ideal construction material for a wide range of applications.


Cast Polyamide 6 is superior to extruded Polyamide 6 in its:

  • better mechanical stability

  • lower water absorption

  • better creep resistance

  • better dimensional stability

  • higher wear resistance

Standard Colours: White / Black

Fields of Application:

  • Cam- and guide rollers

  • Rope rollers

  • Gearwheels

  • Slide bearings

  • Chain guides

NYLON : PA6C Polyamide (PA6C)

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DATA SHEET: NYLON : PA 6 C  Polyamide (PA 6C)

Cast Nylon Data Sheet

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