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UHMW-PE - A4 G Confetti Multi-Colour

A4® G multicolor is a regenerated material based on PE-UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight low pressure polyethylene). This economical alternative offers good material properties, is convenient to use (with certain restrictions), and is widely acknowledged. Also refer to A4® FQ 1000

Standard Colours: Multi-Coloured

Fields of application:

  • Transport and conveyor systems

  • Production of prefabricated concrete components

  • Harbour construction

  • Coal-fired power stations

  • Bunker linings

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  1. Excellent wear properties and good sliding properties

  2. Highly resistant to bending and impact

  3. Good chemical stability and no moisture absorption

DATA SHEET: UHMW-PE - A4 G Confetti Multi-Colour

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