Flex-Line® Low Friction Linings Solutions

Bulk materials don’t always flow reliably. They compact, rat-hole and arch and results can be costly. Production shuts down. Work hours are wasted and safety is compromised. But you can achieve mass flow and get your business moving again.


Problems that are frequently encountered involve:

  • Erratic flow

  • Flooding of feeder interface

  • Blockages and rat-holing

  • Mechanical and cohesive arching

  • Product segregation

  • Product degradation

  • Lack of storage capacity

  • Structural failure


The Flex-Line® Solution

Flex-line® High Performance Low Friction Linings. Flex-line® low surface friction promotes flow of cohesive, non-free-flowing bulk materials. Its unique surface permits shallower hopper wall angles in new construction design. Flex-line® improves performance of existing structures with linings on interior surfaces of chutes, hoppers and process equipment. Linings are mechanically fastened to substrates of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and concrete.Engineering firms and flow consultants worldwide specify Flex-line® linings more often than any other polymer.

Flex-Line® Applications & Different Grades


For the lining of:

Chutes, hoppers, bins, bunkers, silos, vibratory feeders, slider beds, conveyor skirting, drag conveyors, dragline buckets, front end loader and excavator buckets, off / on-road tipper truck bodies, railcars, dust collectors, cyclones & many more.


Bulk Material Handled:

Animal feed, anthracite culm, bauxite, bituminous coal, chemical powders, copper concentrate, dust, fertilizers, fly ash, foundry sand, grains, raw sugar, gypsum, iron ore, kaolin, lime, limestone, nickel ore, platinum ore, phosphate, salt, sand, silica sand, soap detergent, sub-bituminous coal, waste coals, wood chips & many more.


Sharp and / or large rocks must be avoided, especially crushed or blasted rock still in large form, as Flex-Line® is primarily a flow liner and not an impact or wear liner although it has the properties of high abrasion resistance and good impact resistance.

Examples of materials Handled:

  • Fine river sand,

  • Fine slurry

  • Crushed Limestone

  • Fine Coal

  • Raw Sugar

  • Silica Sand

  • Animal Feed Industry

  • Fine copper sulphate

  • Limestone Ammonium Sulphate 

Examples of materials which will damage Flex-Line® - high impact & sharp cutting edges:

  • Large Sharp Rocks,

  • Glass recycling

  • Rock pile, blasted rock


FlexLine Green
Flex8800 Blue
A4 Regen 
A4 G Confetti
A4® FQ 1000
ST 6000® Rubber back
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